Leading distributor in NewYork of steel squares,tubing and
other carbon steel products & accessories

Steel Welding

Custom welding services

Steel Plasma Cutting

We will cut customs sizes and shapes using a plasma cutter.

Steel Cutting

Precision cutting using heavy duty band saw or plasma and oxyacetylene flame cutting equipment

Steel Band Saw Cutting

We will cut custom lengths using a band saw.

Steel Drilling

Drill holes in steel at customers specifications

Steel Punching

Punch holes (square, round, oblong) into channels, flats and angles to custom specifications

Steel Shearing

Shear sheets to custom sizes

Steel Bending

Bend sheets and plates to custom sizes and specifications

Stair Pans

We manufacture custom sized stair pans for use with concrete. Specify length, riser height, tread width and concrete space required.

Diamond Steps

We manufacture custom and standard widths.

Steel Column Manufacturing

Custom manufactured steel columns made from pipe with base plates and cap plates

Steel Rebar Fabrication

Custom cutting and bending for all rebar needs

Steel Hardware

All types of hardware used in steel fabrication including steel bolts, cutting discs, grinding discs, drill bits, base plates, chop saws, grinding machines and more for steel fabricators and iron workers

Welding Supply

Welding rods, welding gloves, welding machines, cables, torch hose, holders and more

Steel Slitting

Slitting coils to customer specifications

Custom Bar Twist

We do custom bar twisting up to 2” solid